12 Gift Cards of Christmas Giveaway Event - Day 1

12 Gift Cards of Christmas Giveaway Event

12 Gift Cards of Christmas Giveaway Event

Welcome to the 12 Gift Cards of Christmas Giveaway Event hosted by Formula Mom and Tales From the Nursery and with many other blogs participating - the rafflecopter is the same on every site, so you only need to enter once for each giveaway.

For the next 12 days we will feature a new gift cardgiveaway. As the days progress, the value of the gift cards will increase with the final day featuring a $100 gift card! Each giveaway will be open for one week and you will have the opportunity to earn at least 64 entries into each giveaway by following the sponsoring blogs in a variety of ways! You can also earn an additional 5 entries by tweeting each day! From today through December 23rd, you will have the chance to win $270 in gift cards from a variety of retailers!

Gift Card Schedule

12/5 - $5 Amazon (US/CAN)
12/6 - $5 Starbucks (US)
12/7 - $5 Target (US)
12/8 - $5 Walmart (US/CAN)
12/9 - $10 Amazon (US/CAN)
12/10 - $10 Amazon (US/CAN)
12/11 - $15 Toys R Us (US)
12/12 - $15 Barnes & Noble (US)
12/13 - $25 Restaurant.com (US)
12/14 - $25 Toys R Us (US)
12/15 - $50 Best Buy (US)
12/16 - $100 Amazon (US/CAN)

Enter to Win

To enter, simply complete the Rafflecopter form below! Each day will feature a new Rafflecopter form so you will need to complete the form for each giveaway if you would like to be entered. Many of the tasks will be the same so once you have completed them, you will simply need to fill out the form for all of the giveaways you are eligible for and interested in. Remember to come back each day to enter the newest giveaway! You can also tweet daily to earn those additional entries!