Using Rafflecopter to Give Sponsors Value Added Info

I've been a Rafflecopter fan since the beginning, well even before that - I spent some quality time on the phone with Greg going over how I ran my giveaways and what worked and what didn't for me... and now that I regularly use Rafflecopter, I can't say that I'll ever go back to the old ways... and one of the reasons is that I can easily provide value added information to my sponsors!
One of the things that sponsors are looking for when they offer products for giveaways is exposure - for their products, website, social media etc... and Rafflecopter can help you tell them how well their efforts paid off:

The first thing I do is go into the Moderate Entries tab and click on the Show List button:

Once it's open, I can choose to group by Entry Options:

which lets me give the client an exact number of people who Liked them on Facebook, Followed them on Twitter, Visited their webpage etc... each entry option!

I get valuable information too... which of my own entry options was popular and also how much social media exposure I got from tweets etc...

The second thing I do (and I won't illustrate it here to protect the names of my entrants) is to go back to the Group by button and group by name.  
Then I highlight the names and hit CTRL C to copy
I open up Excel and hit paste
This gives me a count of exactly how many people actually entered the giveaway because some people do one entry and others are diligent about getting every possible entry.

So how do I deliver this info to the sponsor?

Once I've verified my winner and they've responded to my email, I set up an email to the sponsor with 
  • the winner's contact info
  • a link to the post (again)
  • The total number of entries
  • The number of entries for each of their direct entries (web, facebook, twitter, newsletter etc)
  •  The number of people who entered the giveaway
  • My thanks for allowing me to work with them

I've gotten excellent response from all of the sponsors who I've sent this information to... and it's a very quick thing to do in rafflecopter!

What do you do for your sponsors?  Have you found any tricks in Rafflecopter to help you with your giveaways?