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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tassimo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
I know that when I was working in an office on a regular basis we all had different tastes in coffee... both the way we liked it and when we wanted to drink it.  The last office I worked in had about a dozen people in at any one time, but not all of us were coffee drinkers and then some preferred decaf, some wanted high-octane and others wanted something fun and flavorful and that doesn't even delve into those of us who preferred tea or hot chocolate, so we rarely made a pot of coffee, even though the bosses had one available for us.  

Instead, we'd use our short break times to head out and spend our hard earned cash on expensive boutique coffee down the street.  
I wish I knew about the Tassimo Professional free demo back then ... of course it was a few years ago... now I'm angling for my boss at my volunteer position to sign up and try the Tassimo Professional at the school media center!  
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Intelligently designed T-DISCS offer the opportunity for everyone in the office to get exactly what they want on demand!  No wasted coffee, no wasted time heading out to find a barista and it's all premium brands!  Twinnings teas, Gevalia coffees and espressos, Suchard hot chocolates are all available - and you can even make lattes and cappuccinos with Gevalia coffees and real milk creamers!  

For the  offices that are considering investing in Tassimo Professional, you don't have to worry about sticky fingered employees taking the TDiscs home with them - they're double coded and only work on the Professional machines, not the home ones!  

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I honestly would love to be able to brew a cup of tea when I'm volunteering and I know that the others who work in the media center would love that too!  I can see us becoming a hotspot for teachers and volunteers and I think it would be great - especially as the days are getting cooler!
You should check out the Tassimo Professional free demo for your office today!  What flavor are you looking forward to?
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