Holiday Gift Guide - R&G - Relax Intuit (US only)

I don't know about you, but one of the most stressful times in my life seems to be the holidays... Emotions run high, I miss my family and the budget is stretched thinner than at other times in the year... and I'm never the best sleeper in the world, so when I had the chance to review Your Present: A Half Hour of Peace, I knew it was something that, if it worked, would add real balance to my world.

From the Publisher:

Drift into the quiet place, where worries dissipate, where healing begins.

Award-winning stress management expert Susie Mantell has created a uniquely personal guided imagery meditation experience on CD. With a voice described as "liquid, instilled with a uniquely personal quality of compassion," Susie Mantell's exquisitely warm guided imagery narration carries you into soft, effortless relaxation, releasing the day surrounding this half-hour soothing meditation CD. Thousands of listeners experiencing stress or insomnia, anxiety, depression or pain find soothing comfort in this gently empowering mind-body relaxation CD for stress reduction. Gently supported by a light musical background specifically composed to enhance this multi-sensory experience, physicians, nurses, therapists, caregivers and hospice workers find healing respite as well. Also a thoughtful, affordable business gift, in a world that often seems to spin too fast, "Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace" is a tranquil path to a quiet place where worries dissipate, and healing begins.

My Review:

 While I can fall asleep just about anywhere when I'm tired enough, I have a really hard time getting back to sleep once it's been interrupted.  I think it stems from the fact that my father used to be on call for work at night and I slept near a phone and slept lightly, so I'd wake up and need to be alert to take down the information from the service, so as soon as I wake up, my brain moves right into gear...

This is great for being able to function right after I wake up, but is really difficult when you're trying to get a good night's sleep... especially since Erik is still fussy at night, and after kids, my bladder sometimes requests an overnight pit stop... which often leaves me wide awake in the middle of the night, knowing that there'll be irritability, exhaustion and more waiting for me by mid-day, since Erik seems to have two speeds lately - fast and faster!

I've been using the Your Present: A Half Hour of Peace CD to help relax my mind and head back to sleep and nine times out of ten, I've been able to turn my brain back down to low gear and drift off to sleep much quicker than I used to... The combination of guided imagery and soothing music have cut down my nightly stresses much better than reading or watching TV used to...

This CD would be a great gift for anyone who needs to get better rest, particularly new moms and dads or anyone who is stressing out about life.  At just 14.95, it would also make a great teacher gift or a stocking stuffer for that family member who doesn't always look as rested as they could be.

The giveaway:
One Lucky AB reader from the US will win their own copy of Your Present: A Half Hour of Peace.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this cd at no cost to me for the purpose of writing my review. All opinions are my own.