Friday Fragments

OMG!  I need to get off this ride... life is passing me by way too fast and I'm not keeping up...

And part of that is I keep taking on new projects... this week I got a job as a Mystery Shopper - that's been fun... and the best part is that I can't take the kids, so it's a double win... Wayne gets to parent and I get to shop kid free!

I've also started working with Mompact - which is a great new company that is helping to bring together Mompreneurs and market their great products!   Watch for my reviews of many of the products coming up!  And if you check out the site and are interested in learning more - just let me know!

I went through Kindle withdrawl for two days this week...  Tuesday, I turned it on to read after charging it and the screen was all wonky... tried resetting it to no avail... but the wonderful Amazon Kindle Support person I chatted with online was able to send me a replacement that arrived this afternoon!  Fabulous customer service!

Robyn came home and announced that they're having a semi-formal 'Snow Ball' at school before it lets out for the holidays... so it looks like we're heading out dress shopping... maybe that will be one of our goals for Black Friday...

Do you shop Black Friday sales?  I made the mistake of taking Robyn out the first year we were here in SC, and now she thinks it's an every year event... although it is fun to have some 'girl time'... I'm not sure if I'll be awake enough this year after Liam's surgery on Wednesday and Thanksgiving on Thursday, but knowing me, I'll be out at the Outlets at midnight, just to say we were there...

I'm actually pretty far along with shopping for Christmas... I've gotten almost everything for the boys, Robyn wants one big gift, and I've even managed to stash away a few things for Wayne... I have a few stocking stuffers left, but then I can concentrate on making sure I have great things for the rest of the family!

Erik has been babbling up a storm lately - it's so nice to see him talking gibberish.... I have to say that after our experience with Liam and language, I wait with baited breath for Erik to reach each of his milestones...

And speaking of Liam and language, I had a meeting with his teacher and the Autism Itinerant and they both let me know that he's talking a lot more in class... regularly using 3 and 4 word phrases!

I've picked up two turkeys so far... one for Thanksgiving and another just because it's meat for $0.59!  I figure that I can always cook it up and make a ton of casseroles and soup with it one day in the winter...  I'm trying to clean out the freezer so I can scoop up a few more!

Wayne thought his schedule would lighten up after his night course ended... no such luck... the end of the night course coincided with the start of advising, and he's been building up a reputation with the kids for actually taking the time to help them work out what they need AND want... so he's busier than ever.... but he's also sticking to his goal of blogging every day and he's got his own Friday Fragments post up at

Well all, the ever growing pile of laundry is calling me and I still have to make Liam's lunch for tomorrow, so I'll leave you to visit Mrs. 4444 and the rest of the fragmented bloggers who hook up with her at:

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