Tea Collection for the Holidays!

As much as I love shopping for my boys, there is just something so much more exciting about shopping for girls clothes, so I indulge every year and try to find something unique and wonderful for my nieces!

One of the things I love to do is try to match an outfit to their personality!  Ella, at 3, is 'almost a teenager' and very precocious - and her dad isn't overly fond of pink, so when I'm not trying to get his goat (which I have to do occasionally because I am still his big sister) I try to find something that is sophisticated enough for a teenager to be without making her look like a wanna-be-teenager.

Thank goodness for Tea Collection - they have a whole variety of outfits, dresses and accessories that help me find something that my niece will be happy to be seen in and that her daddy will appreciate because it's no pink and frilly... and it's so easy to browse their selection and find exactly what I want.

Tea Collection also has a great selection of boys clothes, and really adorable things for babies of both genders - it really can be your one stop shop if you are looking for high quality children's clothing with style!