Product Review - NotJustAnyOldDay Key Jewelry and it's sister site, were sponsors in this months In Honor of the Tatas event and Michele was sweet enough to send me my very own Not Just Any Old Day pendant! 

It was tough to pick just one special day to commemorate.  I mean I could choose one of my graduations, one of my kids birthdays, the day I started my blog... so many dates were running through my mind! I already have some jewelry celebrating my kids and their birthdays and although I wear my wedding ring constantly, it doesn't proclaim a date to specifically acknowledge my anniversary, so I asked for a key celebrating May 30th, 1998 (Can you believe that I've been married for almost fourteen years to the same wonderful man?)

In just a little over a week, I received a beautiful silver-plated key pendant inlaid with a red crystal commemorating our special day!  The key is about two inches long and I was originally worried that it would be heavy, but it is very light but still durable. It has such a beautiful old-fashioned look to it and I've gotten several compliments on mine already!

I've been wearing my calendar key for a couple of days to see how well it would hold up to the beating that all of my jewelry takes when my boys are around.  My key was pulled, chewed and then yanked some more and both the chain and the key have survived beautifully!

For those of you who have a cancerversary or another milestone to celebrate these fabulous calendar keys are a great way to create a very personal reminder.  They have special add on charms to further personalize your keys - pink ribbons for breast cancer and so many more! And these Datesakes aren't just for women - or if you don't wear jewelry - there is also a key chain option instead! Use this coupon code: HEATHER to save 15% off your order!

Dislcaimer: I received this product at no cost to me for the purpose of writing my review.  All opinions are my one