Guest Post: Accessories are Necessities

Accessories - The Mark Of Taste And Distinction
The ability to choose the most tasteful and distinctive accessories is an art. Ladies know simple elegance can mean a single diamond brooch or pin added to the little black dress. It may also mean a wide-brimmed hat with a wide feathered pheasant band to accessorize an understated suit or dress for daywear. Hats as accessories are back and not just fedoras, pillboxes and berets. "Fascinators", as they are referred to by high fashion English ladies, are the popular new way to accessorize today's very feminine tailored designs. Perhaps, English ladies have taught ladies of the rest of the world the fun of wearing hats.

Ladies Gloves Are Back In Style
Those little white gloves of the past are back. Contemporary styles demand this type of accessory to complete an outfit. One surprise is the resurgence of wrist-length white lace or fishnet gloves. This is a formal bow to traditional accessories without compromising current fashion designs.

The Sleekness Of The Forties In Uncomplicated DesignsAccessories once popular in the 40's seem to be making a comeback. Belts in particular in wide black patent or tortoise designs add just the right sleek touch to sedate colors. Metallic belts in more narrow widths are an important accessory for winter whites paired with animal prints like leopard, zebra and tiger.

Tips To Help Accessorize With Style
A full length mirror is usually the final glance at an ensemble ladies put together. Look for "holes" in the mirror image created. Can the image use a lovely silk scarf at the neckline for a more youthful appearance? How about a handbag that makes a fashion statement even though the rest of the ensemble is deliberately conservative? Even an overload of bangle bracelets in multi-colors will liven a drab outfit.

The Fortune In Today's Fashions
Hems have returned to "mini" status. Although, some hems are calf-length to accessorize with knee-high leather boots ala gaucho style. It's fortunate fashions are returning to a freer mindset without appearing gaudy or outrageous. Keep in mind that there are two major elements in accessorizing any outfit: coordination or contrast. If you choose coordinating accessories, make sure there's visual balance. If you choose contrast, make the contrast dramatic for fullest fashion effect. The fortune in today's fashion is a wide range of choices in customized accessories to help achieve a signature design style.

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