Friday Fragments

Today is my birthday!  I'm 36, but today I feel older - I pinched a nerve in my lower back and have been shuffling around for 3 days because it hurts.  I picked the best week to wake up with a pinched nerve - I can't stop or slow down - it's book fair week at Haut Gap and I'm in charge...

Erik has learned to air kiss this week - it's too cute!  I need to get it on video, but I haven't been able to catch him yet.

Robyn has been helping out at the book fair.  For a kid who says that she never wants to work in sales, she seemed to enjoy it immensely...

Liam has finally been showing signs that he's really getting used to being in his new classroom and working with his new teacher.  I'm so pleased!  This is the first major transition he's had and he seems to finally be settling in.

Wayne had his tenure scrutinized by his department yesterday.  It passed inspection and is now heading to the dean... he's pretty confident he has met or exceeded the expectations that were set out, but it's still a nerve-wracking process.

My parents head home today after visiting for nearly two weeks.  I barely saw them... luckily they had a chance to get to know Erik really well and got some time in with Liam too... but I feel bad that we spent so little time together this time.

My blog is going to be a little spotty for posts this weekend as I try to rest and get my back into shape -  I am determined to be able to walk like a 36 year old next week.

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