Sponsors Wanted!

Acting Balanced is growing and continuing to offer fabulous marketing opportunities for products, services and more! I wantedto let you know about some of the exciting things I have coming up! I am also happy to work with you to craft a specific opportunity separate from these featured opps:

September 16th-21st, Fall Follower Giveaway hop with over 50 bloggers and over $2500 in projected prizes. The organizers have included a promotion budget and will be looking to seriously increase traffic to all participating sites.

September 21st - 25th. Rafflecopter Round-up will feature more than 100 blogs with prizes of $25 or more. I am putting together a prize package containing earth friendly lunch, travel and home products or services.

From October 6th-10th Blogmania - with over 100 other blogs and with thousands in projected prizes!

From November 1st-25th 25 Dayz of Crazy Giveawayz - More than 150 bloggers with more than $3000 in prizes available and a promotional budget.

For all of these events products offered for Review and giveaway will have a personalized pre-event post with bonus entries, products offered for giveaway only will be featured in the main giveaway event post and will have a maximum of 2 links for bonus entries. Items/services offered for giveaway with a value of $100 or more will be given special consideration and will be treated like review/giveaway opportunities. 

Want more information or to receive my current media kit?  Just email me at heather@actingbalanced.com