Friday Fragments

It honestly doesn't feel like it's been a week since I fragged... time has just flown by this week!

Lots on the go - Robyn is going to be joining a running club starting next week and the practices will be after school so my blissful existence with both kids coming home on the school bus will be interrupted... but I think she'll have a great time with it and who can say no to a kid who wants to exercise more!

Liam is still gungho about school - he's also adapted well to the schedule - so well that he was up at 6am on Saturday, Sunday and Labor Day Monday and wondering when the school bus was going to arrive.

Erik is cutting his second tooth and has a cold on top of that, so we're both kinda miserable... but hopefully it will all pass quickly!

Wayne is working like a madman to get his tenure package finalized... wow, they kill a ton of trees... he had to double the size of his binders... guess it's a good thing - he's done a lot and has the papers to prove it...

As for me, I'm heading back to volunteering at the school library - we still don't have a new media specialist, but the kids need to get in and get reading, so I'm hoping to find some more volunteers and get it opened at least part time!

In other news, I am almost up to my eyeballs in giveaway hops for this Fall - so get your clicking fingers ready... lots of great prizes coming down the pike!  If you're looking to get involved in a giveaway hop, you should check out the 25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz hop in November - this looks like it might be the biggest one yet: CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS AND FORM and if you would let them know Acting Balanced sent you I can get a $20 Target GC as a referral bonus!  I also have the MomPact Question Moms GIveaway Hop featuring Mompreneurs that will start this weekend and a ton more!

That catches you up on As the Smith World Turns... tune in again next week for the next installment of our ongoing saga and check out these other great fragmented souls who link up at: 
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