#C2Play2Day Playing Outdoors with our Family - taking every opportunity!

Getting out is one of the best ways to spend family time!  We purposely leave the technology at home and focus on playing with the kids and getting fresh air!  No matter where we go, whether it's to the beach, county park our just out on our own front lawn there's something freeing about just being out in the sun (or the rain)

I have to say that the further afield we go, the more preparation goes into our outdoor adventures so I love it when we can all just congregate with a ball or two and the our aerobie sprint ring in the empty lot next door!  It's great to watch the kids skills develop - Robyn is playing middle school soccer, so she's helping to teach Liam to dribble the ball with his feet and everyone is encouraging Erik to throw and chase the ball!  

Wayne grew up on the baseball diamond and loves to play catch with the kids despite the fact that so far none of our kids have picked baseball up as a sport - there's still hope for Erik and Liam for that matter - they're young yet.

Sometimes though. you just have to seize an opportunity that presents itself - last weekend Wayne got asked by some of his students from C of C to go and watch their Cross Country team race at a nearby private park - so we packed up the boys early on Saturday morning and while we were waiting for the runners to go by, the boys enjoyed the opportunity to explore the new environment - they got to run, chase daddy and we even got to check out some pretty big pine cones (which I snagged for crafts later) and it was great to get out!

Liam's favorite thing to do is to head to one of the local playgrounds - he's a swinging and sliding machine!  Erik is starting to follow in his big brother's footprints - he's a real swinger too! 

I never really worry about whether the kids get dirty - it's only clothes and skin, right?  And there's always Clorox 2 to take the stains out!  Speaking of Clorox 2, they've launched http://clorox2play2day.com and are encouraging everyone to take the pledge to play outside!  I've taken the pledge to play outside with my family - will you?  Not only will you be pledging to take your family out, but also registering to WIN great prizes!

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