5 Top Tips- For An Organized Car

Toys litter the floor. Coffee cups from the local coffee shop overrun your cup holders. If you are like many people, the family car can often look like it has been ransacked by a tornado. Since many people spend a great deal of time in their cars, it isn't unusual that the family mini-van or sedan often becomes a haven for all kinds of items that you need on a daily basis. Whether you own a new car or a Used Car, you should strive to keep it as organized as possible.

A disorganized car with loose items rattling around can quickly become a hazard. In fact, loose objects may become projectiles during a sudden stop or accident, causing serious injury to everyone in the car. Fortunately, with a bit of organizing, you can transform your chaotic car environment into a well-arranged area. Read on for the 5 top tips to get your vehicle organized.

  1. Take everything out of your car in order to sort through necessary and unnecessary items. This includes items in the glove compartment and trunk. By removing items from the car, you can sort them into various piles. Include a pile of items you need on a daily basis, emergency items, seasonal items and trash. For example, an emergency item includes a flashlight. This is an item that should always be kept in the car. In contrast, an ice scraper would only be required during the winter months. During warmer months, the ice scraper would just take up much-needed space in your vehicle.
  2. Limit the amount of items in the glove compartment. People often stuff the glove compartment with fast-food restaurant napkins, papers and other objects that quickly take over the car's storage compartment. Instead, carefully choose which items should be kept there. Important items that should be stored in the glove compartment include a flashlight, the vehicle owner's manual, car insurance card, vehicle registration, a cell phone charger and a small first aid kit.
  3. Use storage containers for the car trunk. If you purchase storage containers to hold groceries, work-related items or sports equipment, you can keep the car trunk from turning into a monumental mess. Instead, the storage containers separate your items, making it easier to find what you need when you're in a hurry.
  4. Throw trash away on a daily basis. Trash accumulates quickly when you practically live in your car. One good way to keep trash under control is to keep a small plastic bag in your car. Place trash into the bag instead of stuffing it in cup holders or throwing it on the floor. When you arrive home, take the plastic bag into the house and throw it away with the trash.
  5. Vacuum the interior of your car at least once a month. When you eat on the run, your car interior often becomes littered with crumbs. Dirt and grass are other items that make themselves at home in your vehicle's upholstery. Over time, dirt and grass will break down the fibers of your car's carpet. Use a handheld vacuum or shop vac to keep your car interior free of food, dirt and grime.