Affresh keeps me going!

I have been using affresh® regularly in my washer and I have to say that it has really made keeping on top of the smells and buildup in my washer!  I was lucky enough to get new appliances when we moved into our new place a few years ago and I am glad that I've found affresh® to help me keep it that way.

I still love the scent of my washer after running the cleaning cycle with the affresh® tablet and it has really kept the washer from having a musty scent or any buildup on the drums!   I have been tossing an affresh® tablet in to my washer once a month and letting it run!  I can definitely say that I've had no problems with build up or a musty odor since I've been using the affresh® pucks!  I really love that it makes cleaning the washer a breeze!  

Now that I'm in the habit, I don't think I'll ever break it!  Have you tried affresh®?  What do you think?

affresh® Washer Cleaner (and Kit)
All washing machines – no matter the make or model – can benefit from regular cleaning every 30 days. With powerful tools like the affresh Washer Cleaner Kit (with three Power Puck™ tablets and six Grit Grabber™ cloths) and the affresh Washer Cleaner pouch (with three affresh tablets), the product can clean hard-to-reach areas – behind the washer drum – and those that are easier to reach such as around the rubber door seal and detergent dispenser. Affresh can penetrate, dissolve and remove odor-causing residue that can accumulate.

 “I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of affresh and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”