Product Review and Coupon Code: Boumy Baby Shoes

One of the things that has been tough this summer is that Erik is wanting to be up and walking all of the time and his feet are bigger and wider than most baby shoes, and I don't want to put him in 'big kid shoes' yet, because I know that he'll learn to walk better in bare feet or soft shoes.  The opportunity to check out Boumy Baby Shoes was too good to pass up!

One of the first things that struck me was that they totally agree with my fundamental belief about children's shoes:
Children's feet need room to grow. Tiny shoes with hard soles can pinch and obstruct them, especially when they make their first attempts to crawl and walk. This is not good for the natural grip which the sole of a child's foot needs to acquire.
The second thing was just how adorable their shoes are:

The third, and best thing for me was that they size the shoes all the way up to toddler sizes, so that my large footed little guy, who at 8 months old is already in a size 6.5 can still get the quality baby shoe he needs!

Erik received a pair of Trackshoe Brown shoes and they fit really well!  There is even some room to grow! I love how soft and supple the leather is on these shoes - and even with the applique and design, the shoes still feel wonderful - inside and out!  The elastic in the heel, which on other shoes of this sort can dig into baby's ankles, did not leave a mark at all on Erik's chubby little legs, but were strong enough that he didn't pull the shoe off either.

I do wish that I had a little girl, because Boumy really goes all out and makes the cutest little girl shoes, but I have to say that the range of choice for little boys is better than average too!

You can purchase the Trackshoe Brown, or any of the other cute shoes for $32 from Boumy and they'll ship to either Canada or the US for a really reasonable flat rate!

Be sure to Like Boumy on Facebook. You can also use this discount Coupon code: MAB072011, Expires: 31 July 2011 to receive a 20% discount off your total purchase (one redemption per customer).

Disclaimer: This is a Mamabuzz Review.  I received a complimentary pair of shoes from Boumy for completing this review.  All opinions are my own.