Product Review - Bib'expresso Baby Bottle Maker #CleverScanChild

Thank you to Béaba for providing me with a Bib’expresso to review free of charge. To order your own Bib'expresso or one of many Béaba products, visit

When we first started making bottles for Erik, I felt like I was living in Goldilocks and the Three Bears - sometimes the bottle would be too hot, sometimes it would be too cold and sometimes it would be just right... and especially when I was trying to scoop out formula in the wee hours of the morning after very little sleep, I wished for a machine that would just make Erik the perfect bottle without having to think about anything...

Not long after that, the Clever Girls Collective sent around an email that introduced me to just such a product and I applied and received a Bib'expresso to try:

About the Bib'expresso

Launched in France in early 2010, the Bib’expresso prepares, heats, sterilizes and stores baby bottles.  It simplifies the process of bottle preparation with a patented, unique water flow system that reduces air bubbles and eliminates hot spots when mixing powdered formula.  The product comes with a compact, removable bottle and food warmer that can be used to heat food jars and prepared bottles of breast milk andformula. And, the bottle storage compartment on the back of the unit also serves as a microwavable bottle sterilizer that fits up to three 10 ounce (300 ml) bottles.  The Bib’expresso also comes with a self-cleaning steam system that ensures that the unit stays sanitized.  MSRP: $129.95
My Review:

I really like that this machine lets you make a bottle one handed and you can set it up when you are fully alert and conscious and just hit a button and presto you have a bottle that is well mixed, just the right temperature and ready to drink!

I have to say that the bottle is so well mixed and drinkable - no clumps and no hot spots!  It's so simple to operate too - you always have a bottle available and the ability to store bottles in it makes it ideal!  It's also great for when someone else is making the baby a bottle - since you know that it will be made just right!  I used it with a few different types of formula and it worked well with all of them.

Another feature I like is that the Bib'expresso doesn't scream 'baby' product - it can easily be mistaken for a coffee maker or other appliance so that it doesn't stand out in the kitchen.  I even like that after baby outgrows formula you can re-purpose the Bib'expresso to make tea or hot chocolate!

One thing that I did was move the Bib'expresso into the nursery for a time, so that I didn't have to leave the baby at night to go and make a bottle - I could do everything in his room!

This product is an ideal gift for any mom or dad who will be bottle feeding their child!  You can find the Bib'expresso at the Beaba siteWilliams-Sonoma, or Amazon and I think it is well worth the investment! 

Disclaimer: While Béaba provided me with a Bib'expresso to review, the opinions I've expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint. Béaba,Clever Girls Collective and I promote Blog With Integrity.