Review - 1-2-3 Textured Products Craft Kits

If you are looking for an all in one crafting project for your preschooler, then you might want to check out 1-2-3 Textured Products craft kits.

I was sent the Cabby the Army Truck package for Liam to try and I have to say that when it first arrived, it wasn't quite what I expected.   The first thing I noticed is that it was much smaller than I anticipated it being - the truck itself was not much longer than about 3 inches and the glitter, pieces of straw and pieces of paper which were included looked like scraps from the bottom of a craft box.  

The truck itself was cute - with textured indents for the tires and on the truck itself which made it more interesting.  Unfortunately, for Liam, this wasn't engaging and he ignored the project completely, but I can definitely see that these projects would be engaging for typical preschoolers - to be able to get in with glue and decorate both the cut out and the background could definitely be engaging.   I can also see that this would be a great holiday project because it would be very easy to turn the cut-out kits into Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day cards ... or really use them for any holiday - birthdays etc.  

The kits might also be a hit as a quick craft at a birthday party or preschool event and you can order activity kits that encompass different themes like Seasons Greetings, At the Beach and more:

If you are looking for quick, educational craft kits for your preschooler 1-2-3 Textured Products will have something for just about everyone.  You can check out and you can also follow them on twitter

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