Meet Me on Monday

Every week I give you the opportunity to learn more about me as I participate in Meet Me on Monday hosted by Java at Never Growing Old...
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Questions and Answers...
1.  What is your favorite kind of muffin?

Hmm... in Canada, I used to be addicted to the low-fat raspberry muffin at Tim Hortons, but here in Charleston, I've become fond of a chai spice muffin recipe.

2.  What was the first car you ever owned?

The first car I ever owned was a hand-me-down Plymouth Voyageur Mini-van I got from my parents, but the first car I ever bought was a cute little red Mazda Protegé.

3.  Which TV Show were you sad to see end?

I honestly only found it a few months ago on Netflix, but was sad that Veronica Mars didn't last longer... 

4.  What is your lucky number?

It's a cliché, but it's 7 
5.  Pretzels or Potato Chips?

Neither, but I have become addicted to Popchips...