Sunday Family Stories - Heather's Hubby on #Autism Part 1 #autismawarenessmonth

Over the next three Sundays, Wayne will be taking over my blog and posting about his experience with our son and Autism.  This week's post was originally written not long after we got Liam's diagnosis (2 and a half years ago):

Just before Christmas I found out my son (just over 2 years old) has autism.  Ever since then I have been having a problem with coping.

1.       I know that this changes nothing about my boy.  I love him dearly and think the world of him.  It does not change the smiles, the hugs or even the cries.

2.       I know this is a positive in that now he has access to special services that will help him.

3.       I know that since it was caught young the interventions are likely to have a great effect on him too.

4.       I also know this makes my wife's life a little easier in now show knows what is going on and can deal with it (she is a stay-at-home mom).

My wife has been handling this so much better than I.  She has been reading books, talking to others and is working hard to connect him to all the agencies which will help him as well as starting to work with him.

I on the other hand, cannot bring myself to read about it or really talk about it.  Logically, I know that more knowledge would be helpful but I have a total block on it.  The real issue is that I think about how nothing in life is going to be easy for him and it makes me sad.  I am having a hard time reconciling myself with the issue as a result.  I love my boy and want to do what is right for him.  I have been told several times to just keep doing what I am doing.  That I am doing the right things.  I guess it is the powerlessness that I am feeling that really hurts.  I just wish I could wave my magic wand and make things all better (like a kiss to the boo boo) but I know that is not going to happen.