Where to today?

I seem to be reveling a little in the fact that Erik is ready to be more of a never-stay-at-home baby... he really enjoys his days out, so I'm trying to get back to my never-stay-at-home mom lifestyle - the house stays cleaner and my mental health doesn't suffer from four-wall-itis as much...

It's pretty exhausting to be out all day though... mostly because I'm lugging around my chunk-a-monk, his diaper bag and more... but I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I will rebuild my stamina!

Yesterday we met friends at the SC Aquarium, had lunch with daddy, did some shopping at Earthfare, played for a while at the park, picked up big brother Liam, volunteered at Robyn's school for an hour then headed off with Liam to play at the MacDonald's Playplace while Robyn had soccer practice.

Today, we're off to the pediatrician for Erik's 4 months check up and to get Robyn's OTC medical form signed for her Disney trip with school, then an oil change and maybe a quick trip to the mall.

I'm hoping to be home for a few hours this afternoon to sneak in a nap, since Erik got me up at 3 and then 4 and he's been up since 4... then it's off to pick up Liam and head back to Robyn's school for some more volunteering and then to the park with the boys while she has soccer practice...

We may be heading downtown after that to get Wayne, or may be meeting him back at the mall ... he's going to the opening of the Wine and Food festival tonight... and I get to go to the Sponsors tasting tomorrow :)

Well, off to finish getting the boys ready and make sure Robyn is finally moving - ttyl