Planning for summer...with

We are still debating about how we are going to do everything we want to this summer - getting home to visit, making sure that Robyn and Liam don't get bored, doing some other traveling, and of course this is Wayne's last summer before submitting his tenure package, so he's got to spend some time tying up loose ends on research projects and get them all submitted.... 

One of the things that we've done every summer, at least for a few weeks is to put Robyn into some sort of kid’s lessons, classes and camps, and we're considering doing the same with Liam.  With Robyn it's been easy to ask her exactly how she'd like to spend her time - adventure camp, magic camp, sports, and the like - they've all been popular over the years, but with Liam it's a little more complicated - both because of his age and his autism, so I've turned to a great resource: is committed to fighting childhood obesity and promoting kid’s active bodies and minds by providing the nation’s largest online parent resource for kid’s lessons, classes and camps.  They let you search by zip code, by activity and by type of program to find your ideal summer activity or camp!  They're also great for connecting year round with after school and weekend programs!

If you're in the market for after school programs, kid’s lessons, classes and camps, then you should check out

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