Paci-Plushies Product Review

I have to apologize to you my readers and to Paci-Plushies, because I honestly thought I had completed this review ages ago... and lo and behold, it was sitting in my blog in draft form... so with apologies for the fact that the post is a few months old... (I've added an update at the bottom too)

When I ran across Paci-plushies online, I knew I had to find out if they were as cute as they looked online, so I emailed about reviewing one and I got an almost immediate response to let me know that Milo the Monkey would be soon joining our family!  How did she know we were a monkey loving family?

Erik is very particular about his pacis, without the Paci-plushie he only really likes the Soothie he got in the hospital, and rejects that one after being asleep for a few minutes - unlike my other kids who seemed to regularly cling to pacis.  While Milo handles the Soothie paci just fine, but his presence has also given Erik a reason to try other pacis like the one featured in this photo!


One of the things Erik likes to do is power spit his paci out. Since Erik is co-sleeping with us, sometimes presents a problem in the middle of the night - he spits it out into our big king size bed and I'd have to turn a light on to find it.  Now, with the paci-plushie, it's so much easier to locate quickly!

He's already starting to cuddle is paci-plushie and Milo is definitely an important part of our family!

In addition to Milo, you can also bring seven other cute paci-plushies into your life!  You can check paci-plushies out on the web at and get regular updates from them on facebook at

Now that Erik is 4 months old, Milo is still a valued member of our family.  Erik still isn't a huge paci kid, but when he has Milo he has that choice... and Milo is also a favorite chew and slobber toy - his arms and legs get as much of a workout as the paci he's holding.  Milo has also been through the ringer (washer) a few times and isn't showing any wear from it.

Here's a couple of updated shots of Milo and Erik: