I know a volunteer...

I have to say actually that I know a lot of  volunteers... as the person who put together the volunteer response list for my daughter's middle school, I come into contact with lots of different people.  Some, like me are stay-at-home or work-at-home parents, others have flex schedules and can make time to volunteer during the day and others need lots of lead time to volunteer during the school day but are happy to volunteer at night or take things home.

That's one of the beautiful things about volunteering - particularly with a school, there is a need for all sorts of people on all sorts of schedules to volunteer.  Some volunteers go above and beyond - and one of them is my friend Brandy.

She volunteers at two of her daughters' schools - one is in my daughter's class in seventh grade, the other is a 5th grader at a local elementary school - and as another never-stay-at-home mom that's not what's amazing about her - what is amazing is that she gets anything done, because she brings her other two children - a 3 and a 1 year old with her when she volunteers!

The three year old colors and the one year old plays while she photocopies, collates, laminates and does all manner of things administrative for the magnet teachers!  I know that I have enough trouble keeping track of my 4 month old when I volunteer, let alone the idea of trying to keep track of two busy and inquisitive kids!

I love volunteer opportunities that let your kids either watch you volunteer or, as they get older, participate along side you!  I think it's so important to keep the spirit of volunteerism going in the next generation!

I wrote this post as part of the Carolina Pad and Volunteer Spot recognition of National Volunteer Week!

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