I am pleased to be hosting Emma K. Piers, author of Rosador and the Dark Forest (Night Knight - Therapeutic Bedtime Stories) as a guest blogger here on Acting Balanced as part of her Pump Up Your Book Virtual Tour.  


As my book started taking shape, one chapter after another, I realised it was possible the book was actually going to happen. After several months of writing, editing, researching, writing, re-writing, and being tutored by a wonderful children’s author, I was finally on the way. Unfortunately for the author, but fortunately for me, one of her dogs had chewed not once but twice through her internet wires.  This left her frustrated but free to sit down and focus on my almost finished manuscript.

So there I was. Book almost finished. Expert help. Then it hit, the wild horses of every negative thought I’d ever had about myself, my capacity as a writer, a coach – everything was thrown into the pot of self destructive thought. Wild horses bolting. No control.

I asked myself “Where is this coming from?”

I knew there and then it was unadulterated fear of rejection. People may read my stuff and actually laugh out loud! Could I cope with that? Yes! I looked back at the one big time I’d ‘shown up’ with my writing when I was a young girl at school. The headmistress was not one for wishy-washy abstract imaginings and made her thoughts about my writing attempts clear to the rest of the school during a morning assembly.

Amazing isn’t it; the way old feelings and thoughts can stay so deeply lodged inside? I always feel these things come along to be released and dissolved at just the right time.  These things happen to us all. I resolved right then and there to follow my instincts no matter what. I kept focussing on ways that my work could be of service to others, and finished the book.  So – feel your fears and carry on regardless of them! Then you can look back with amazement at what you’ve achieved and the ways you’ve grown as a human being.

About Emma Piers:
Emma Piers is an author, wellbeing coach and narrator. She lives in rural Dorset in the UK with her life/working partner Mark Turner. Emma was born in a rambling old vicarage in Kent, in 1958. Her father was a vicar, and she had two siblings. During her early years, the family moved five times. During these years, Emma developed a deep love and sense of connectedness with the natural world around her. Walking and writing stories about mythical creatures and people became a big preoccupation, alongside a love of English that was instilled in her by two teachers who were both passionate about their subject. As a counter balance, she managed to fail her Maths ‘O’ level three times. Friendships came and went with five different schools in short succession being attended. A working year exploring the USA and France was followed by another year feeling out of place in a technical college studying pitman script, shorthand typing and profit and loss accounts. 

Many years and several homes later, after her younger child started grammar school, Emma started studying counselling and creative writing. After a number of years in counselling practice, and travels in Australia, Emma’s more recent studies are encompassing both traditional therapeutic and mythological storytelling. This form of storytelling incorporates understandings of the holistic ways in which human and environment interact.

Her latest book is Night Knight: Therapeutic Bedtime Stories.

You can visit her website at