EdenFantasys...something for everyone (Adult Post)

***This post is family friendly, however it contains links to Adult products***

As many of you may recall, I hosted two wildly successful giveaways from EdenFantasys here on Acting Balanced a few months ago, so many of you may have had the opportunity to check out all that they have to offer.

I have to say that when I was first approached to participate in the giveaways, I was surprised at what a wide variety of products EdenFantasys has to offer - sure, there was lingerie, and sex toys, books and dvds, but what surprised me was the wide variety of candles, massage lotions and oils, creams and balms, and even bath products that were great for adding romance and relaxation into your life!

As I get to know the site better, I keep finding great surprises that I want to order, like the Knead Me Massage Kit
The Knead Me gift set is a combination of two of Jimmyjane's most loved products - the Afterglow massage candle and the Contour M massager. As with all of their other products, this set is packaged beautifully and would make a great gift but could also be separated to give one as a gift and keep the other for yourself. Together or apart, the items in this set will make for a sensual, romantic, and relaxing massage

Transform a simple bath into an ocean of azure blue, relinquishing body and soul to the soothing rhythms and distant scent of the sea. After basking in this wondrous blend of nature’s own sea salts, sea weeds and organic moisturizers, you’ll emerge from the bath as Aphrodite herself emerged from the briny depths - skin softened, body nourished and soul reawakened. Spirited from a faraway shore, a sea shell scoop and natural loufa sponge accompany each tin of bath sands. 20 oz.
The best part of the EdenFantasys website is that real people have left their reviews of the products - so that even if you've never ordered products like this before, you can be more confident about what you're getting!  The rating system is easy to understand and every product I've ever clicked on has had a number of well thought out product reviews.  

EdenFantasys rewards its members with points for ordering, for verifying their information and for participating in their forums and for posting reviews, so the opportunity to receive and share information on their site is fabulous!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storeIf you are even thinking about researching your next purchase to make your anniversary, vacation or even just a weeknight with your special someone even more special, then I highly recommend that you check out EdenFantasys!  Their site is easy to navigate, their service is fabulous and their products are top notch!  
Disclaimer: I will receive a gift certificate for writing this post.  All opinions are my own.