Winter Follower Giveaway Tour - WINNERS!!!

Drum roll, please!  Out of almost 20,000 entries, the lucky winners are:

Grand Prize – $500 Cash - #519 at My Organized Chaos, Rhonda M.
Second Prize – $300 Cash - #1134 at Mommy Kat and Kids, Tabitha P.
Third Prize – $150 Cash - #1593 at Dear Crissy, Chelsea 

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!  You will be receiving an email shortly to confirm your win.  The winning entries were verified to ensure all entry requirements were met.

If you didn't win, don't despair! The Handmade With Love Giveaway is going on right now and the Spring Follower Giveaway Tour will be here before you know it.  You will not want to miss that one!  We are pulling together the details now, but you know there will be big prizes!
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A tremendous thanks to everyone who entered and followed our blogs!

Additional note:  One of the reasons it took us a bit longer to announce our winner were technical difficulties experienced by one of the participating blogs, Frugal Plus.  Jill, the owner of the blog, contacted one of the giveaway hosts after the giveaway had ended to tell us that her server hosting company had blocked access to her site.  We wanted to give Jill and the company every opportunity to work out the situation but as of today, it is still shut down and Jill has no access to the entries for the giveaway on her site.  Jill does not expect to ever regain access or for her site to be open again. When faced with this situation, the hosts of the giveaway tour wanted to make absolutely sure that those entries were lost forever before we drew a winner.  We apologize very, very sincerely to everyone who entered the giveaway at Frugal Plus, but Jill assures us that there is no way to access those entries any longer.  Jill asked us to thank her loyal readers, she is going to miss you, but she has no hope that her host will reinstate her site.  Jill had already paid her portion of the prize, so the winners will still receive their full prize amounts.  Again, we tried very hard to resolve this situation in the best way we could without delaying the selection of a winner any longer than necessary.