Sharing Happiness

Happiness can come from the most unexpected places - and as the mom of a special needs child, a moody tween and an infant that is especially true.  A smile, a wave, a hug, just getting a good night sleep... all make me happy, but so does being able to share my happiness...

One of the things that I've found is that sharing support and comfort can help bring happiness to others.  I've been able to connect with and share the things I'm learning on our autism journey with fellow moms and dads on the spectrum and learning from them too!  

Another way that I've found to share happiness is to be part of our local MOMS club - Moms Offering Moms Support is a great organization and has really impacted my life - we plan playdates and outing with our kids but instead of always focusing on the kids, it's primarily for us moms that we get together.   Just knowing that a few times a week, this never-stay-at-home mom has a destination that is fun and enriching for my children as well, and I know that I'm going to find other like minded mommies who just need to get out and talk to other adults is a great support and a source of happiness to me.

A third way is to be involved in our local chapter of PEO International - a philanthropic education organization that raises money for women who need to further their education - from funding scholarships for outstanding high schoolers starting their post secondary careers, to helping women from developing countries attend schools in North America and take their knowledge back to their countries to make more lives better, the organization raises funds for this fabulous cause.   This year our chapter has helped sponsor an outstanding young woman stay in school despite losing her father and primary family earner to cancer and also helped another deserving woman return to school after a long absence and a divorce. 

These are large ways of sharing happiness, but there are also smaller, simpler ways to share happiness - a smile, a polite, friendly word or even the new Hershey's Drops can make someone's day a little brighter and share happiness.

I honestly think that the simplest things can make me happy and it is the same for people I know - acknowledgement, acceptance, appreciation and sharing all go a long way to making my days brighter and happier.  Then again, just seeing the smile on my kids faces or getting a good night sleep is pretty darn great in the happiness department right now too...

But I have to say that sharing happiness with others is something that makes my happiness grow - so:

What makes you happy and how do you share happiness?

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