Product Review - Pirose for Nursing & Fashion

As a nursing mom, I've tried it all, blankets, nursing covers, just ignoring the stares and finally, the Pirose for Nursing.
Invented by a nursing mother, Pirose is a lightweight, breathable nursing scarf like no other on the market. Designed for new mothers who refuse to sacrifice style for function, the revolutionary Pirose works as a multi-way nursing scarf and fashion accessory providing discreet coverage and a stylish touch.
With modern prints and subtle florals, Pirose offers a wide array of designs to suit any new mother's style, while still offering complete nursing coverage.
Graceful, elegant feminine and beautiful, Pirose is a stylish blend of fashion and function for new mothers. Depending on your style, each Pirose comes in a length and design to complement any look.
I received the Jordyn for Nursing in Large as part of the MamaBzz tour.  As you can see below, the choice of small, medium or large isn't really about your size, but it's more about how you'd want to wear it.  And that's the beauty of the Pirose as opposed to any other nursing cover on the market.

What I like about the Pirose for nursing is that it's an accessory for me that also works for nursing - as opposed to the other nursing covers available out there.  It is soft, silky and feels great.  I wouldn't have chosen the Jordyn print for myself, since I'm more of a blues/purples person, but I've found that the bold gold, orange and brown print is growing on me!  I love just how versatile it is and how light and airy!  This is going to be great for nursing in the summer time when I won't want anything heavy!

As for nursing, it's great because I can organize it to peek in on Erik because the neckline is generous enough to work around and view him, without exposing anything.  It's also great because he's now pulling things down and because it goes over my head, when he pulls he doesn't expose anything, unlike when he pulled the nursing cover completely off because it was just around my neck by a small connector.  

When I don't want to wear it, because it's so easy, it folds up tiny and can be stowed in the diaper bag, or even worn as a scarf accessory to decorate my diaper bag!  

I love all the ways I can wear it - check out this video to see what I mean:

The Pirose retails for just $35.00 and is a fabulous idea for shower gift giving or coming up for Mother's Day, because it's not just for baby, but for mom too! 

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Disclaimer: This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Reno Rose for this review.