Product Review - Farm Rich Mozzarella Bites

I was already a fan of the Farm Rich Cheese Sticks and Mozzarella sticks, so when I was asked to test out another Farm Rich product for review, I said "More cheese, please!"

I tested out the Farm Rich Mozzarella Bites. Unlike the larger cheese sticks, these mozzarella bites are encased in pizza style dough instead of just breaded... it's like eating the stuffed crust without the pizza!   They're fabulous!!  The dough is just thick enough to remind you of pizza crust, but doesn't overpower the star of the show... the yummy, melty Mozzarella cheese!

The other thing I like is that they're healthy.  With both protein and calcium and without transfats, these little snacks are the perfect thing to serve as an appetizer or a quick after school snack.  If you're pressed for time you can even microwave them and they still turn out well.  Personally, I like the way they crisp up just a bit in the oven, so I wait patiently for them to cook a little longer, but I know that when Robyn comes home from school and is ravenous in a way that only a teenager can be, they're just a minute in the microwave and ready to be scarfed down.

One advantage that all of the Farm Rich products that I've tried have over most of their appetizer competition, is that they come in a family size resealable bag, so that when Robyn comes home and wants her snack, she doesn't have to make a whole package and the bites don't suffer the dreaded frostbite or leftovers syndrome.

You can find out more about Mozzarella Bites and other great Farm Rich products by heading to their website: where you can also find great coupons, an email club and more!