I hope I never need Newport Academy, but I'm glad it's there

I hope, as a parent of an almost teenager that I'll never have to use the services of a place like Newport Academy, which offers teen cocaine addiction treament in a small, gender specific setting.  Unfortunately, drug abuse is a reality in our modern world, and many teenagers are vulnerable to the temptation and peer pressure to try, use, and potentially become addicted to many different substances.

When I was introduced to Newport Academy's website, I was impressed with the extensive information about teen cocaine treatment and also the variety of counselling, support and programming available.  I was also impressed that they take a gender specific approach to treatment, because as much as they're all teens, adolescent boys and girls are definitely wired differently and will have different reasons and behaviors that need to be addressed.

The good news for us parents is that the NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) says that youth trends indicate less participation in substance abuse, but since there's still a gap and a long way to go, I'm glad there are places like Newport Academy if you and your teen ever need to face substance abuse isses.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Newport Academy.  All opinions are my own.