Sunday Family Stories - Where did the time go?

It's been three months since Erik was born - boy has time sure flown by ... he's moving further and further away from that newborn stage and totally emerging as his own little self...

Well, not so little I guess... he's already outgrowing the 6 months size clothes that he started wearing a few weeks ago... guess I'd better not get too attached to any of these cute outfits, and I need to stay vigilant for sales on 9 and 12 months size winter clothes, since the 9 months stuff fits now, but I'm not sure for how long.

Erik is becoming much more like me than Liam ever did - he's a very social kid, perfectly suited to be the never-stay-at-home kid of this never-stay-at-home mom... he flirts outrageously with any woman who coos at him and has started smiling and giggling at so much.

The other thing is that he's a much happier and better sleeper away from home... at home he wants to be held all the time and entertained, but when we go out the world is his oyster and he just soaks in his surroundings.

He still has amazing head control, and is working on his sitting and tummy time activities.  Unlike Liam, he doesn't mind a stretch of 15-20 minutes on his stomach.

As for sleeping through the night, we're not there yet, but as long as mommy heads to bed at 8:00pm when he goes down for his longest stretch, I seem to be a semi-functional human being during the day.

I just can't believe how fast time is flying by, he's growing up so fast

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