Scavenging for Overstock Gold!

Some of you may remember the Overstock scavenger hunt that I started in December... it's back, with another clue to unlock the fabulous treasures that await at

Here are the clues:

Start navigating from  Ready, set, go!

1.)   Department: Often associated with wealth, people sometimes wear this on their ears, necks, wrists and fingers. 

This lead me of course to one of my favorite places at - Jewelry!

2.)   The Olympic _______ make up the logo for the Olympic Games..

A teaser to be sure, but somehow that clue made me think of .... rings!

With over 7800 ring choices, I thought it would be tough to narrow down to one I really liked... but the "O" has great ways to get right to the ring that I want... so I kept searching ... looking at my options - diamond rings, gold rings, silver rings, any one of several beautiful gemstones and then I saw my category...

I'm an October baby and have always been fascinated by the fire and beauty of opals and have secretly coveted a beautiful ring with my birthstone in it... so of course I automatically clicked on Opal Rings

There were many (56) beautiful choices, but since it would be something to wear every day and I'd want to complement my wedding rings, I was looking for something in yellow gold and simple... of course delivered with this little beauty: 10k Gold October Birthstone Opal and Diamond Ring

Do you like it? My challenge to you ... check out the thousands of rings at and let me know which one turns your head....

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I am participating in a contest to win prizes from and wrote this post as one of my entries.