Acting Balanced is PR Friendly- Accepting Reviews for 2011

Are you looking to promote your product on the blogosphere?  Would you like open and honest feedback about your service, book or product?  I can help increase traffic to your website, Twitter, Facebook, newsletter, blog and more by introducing you to my readers!

As a reviewer, I offer straightforward feedback based on my ability to test and use your product or service in my home for an appropriate length of time, or to have a review copy of your book.  All reviews are candid and may include constructive feedback, however if I am not able to provide any endorsement of a product or service, I will notify the provider before posting my review.

  • All reviews will include links to the product or service, and at my discretion, appropriate social media and other links.
  • Discounts or special offers directed at my readers may be included at your pleasure at no cost.
  • If desired, reviews will be cross posted to Amazon, Viewpoints or other websites as requested.
  • Please allow up to 8 weeks for reviews to be posted.  If you have a specific date or timeline, I will work with you to accommodate that, if discussed in advance.
  • Full size products are required for review and will remain the property of Acting Balanced upon completion of the review.
  • Products will be accepted for review based on availability of blogger space and relevance to my audience.

I am also open to hosting giveaways in conjunction with any review.  Giveaways will run for two weeks unless otherwise specified and can be open to US, CANADA, INTERNATIONAL residents or some combination of those.  Sponsors bear the responsibility for shipping products to giveaway winners, or if shipping all products to Acting Balanced for distribution, will bear the responsibility for providing postage or equivalent compensation to Acting Balanced.  Giveaways can be conducted in one of two ways - public comment entry or private spreadsheet entry at the discretion of the sponsor or host.

Giveaways hosted without reviews will be considered on a case by case basis and may require additional fees born by the sponsoring body, please contact me at for details.