Overstock Scavenger Hunt week 2 - Pearl Diving!

This week's adventure to win an Overstock gift certificate sent me on a trail through a place near and dear to my heart - Jewelry!  To a locale around the neck and further to the deep sea (or freshwater) prize - Pearl Necklaces!

In my family, pearls are a very traditional look - and we have lovely strands of pearls that have been past from generation to generation.  What I love most about pearls is that, unlike cold gemstones, they can reflect a warmth from the body that only pearls can.

What I love about the collection of Pearl necklaces on Overstock.com is that they aren't just traditional - there are some truly funky pieces that would go in any modern wardrobe!

My two favorites are:

14k Gold Black Cultured Tahitian Pearl Necklace (8-10 mm/ 18 in)


14k White Gold FW Pearl and 1/8ct TDW Diamond Necklace

What are your favorite pearls?