Off on a hunt... an Overstock Hunt

For the next several weeks, I am participating in an Overstock Scaveneger Hunt... each week I'm going to be checking out a set of clues to find another cool product from!

This week's trail took me through Home and Garden, into the Kitchen and Dining area, to check out appliances, specifically... food processors and wow... with over 50 to choose from, has a Food Processor for everyone.

I personally have a food processor on my holiday wish list.. because I think it will come in incredibly handy when I start making Erik's baby food.

I've just started my comparison shopping and would love your feedback about brands that you have, features you think I need to spend my money on or ones that just aren't worth the extra dough...  I'm partial to this one:

KitchenAid RKFP750BW Blue Willow 12-cup Ultra Wide Mouth Food Processor (Refurbished

but I'm not sure if that's because of the great features, or just because it's a cool blue color..

I really do want your opinion, so if you have time to leave me a comment, I'd appreciate it!

disclaimer: I am writing this and subsequent Overstock Scavenger Hunt posts in the hopes of winning prizes from