MMMmonday - Quick and Easy Acorn Squash and a linky!

If you want a quick and easy, microwavable side dish in Autumn, this is my go to recipe - it's so easy and so yummy!  You can easily make just half and tightly wrap the other half for eating later in the week, or you can serve this as four larger or 6 smaller portions, using the whole Acorn Squash.

1. Halve and seed an acorn squash.  In a dish/plate with a small rim, place squash cut side down.

2. Add approx. 1/4 cup of water to the plate and place in the microwave on high for about 10 minutes

3. Turn squash over, add a large pat of butter or margarine to each half, as well as salt and pepper or other seasonings to taste.

  • Some interesting combinations are:
    • garlic and chives
    • cinnamon and nutmeg
    • cardamom and salt
4. Microwave for 6 minutes and check for doneness - will be soft and easily mashed with the tines of a fork.  Add 1 minute if not to desired doneness and re check.

Note:  This can also work to puree it for soup or to make baby food.

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