Guest Post: Frugal Craft Idea

While I'm taking some New Mommy time, I've got fellow bloggers hanging out here at Acting Balanced and today I'm happy to welcome Jen from Frugal Invitation with a Frugal Craft Idea:

Hi I'm Jen from Frugal Invitation. I started using coupons several years ago as a way to save money on my grocery bills while I was going to college. I was paying for tuition out of pocket to avoid debt. Couponing soon became a hobby for me, and I really enjoyed watching the savings grow. Frugal Invitation is a page I created as a way to keep in touch with family and friends after I taught my first coupon class. The focus of my blog is to provide easy ideas to help you shop smarter.Frugal Invitation is your personal invitation to start a new frugal way of life. I hope you'll stop by and take a look around! I'm looking forward to meeting you!

I found this GREAT Christmas gift idea last year over HERE, and fell in love with it. The holidays can get incredibly expensive, and we all know great gifts don't have to cost a lot! These magnets were well-received, cheap to make, and fun to give! Enjoy!
Items Needed:
Crafter's Pick Glue $4.99
Magnets 3/4'' Pack of 50, $6.50
Punch 5/8'', $8.00
Scrapbook Paper Strips $1.99
(Any scrapbook paper would work)
Flat Glass Marbles 3/4'', $2.49
(Check decorative glass area)
Subtotal: $23.97

Michael's almost always has a 40% off any single item coupon in their Sunday ad. Use one of those coupons for every item needed in this project, and pay: $14.38.
(Yes, I made several trips, but I felt it was worth it.)

I also think the Marbles were on sale at once point for .99 last year.
So keep your eyes peeled.

(Click any of the pictures to make them larger)

Step 1
Hold the punch upside down so you can see what you're punching.
Punch out as many circles as you need for your magnets.
Step 2
Use your craft glue , and add a dot of glue on the magnets.
Don't add too much, or the glue will ooze out from
underneath your paper design.
Step 3
Add your paper circles on top of the glue.
And then apply another drop of glue on top of your paper designs.
Step 4Add your marble on top of the glue. I like to shift the marble around gently to be sure the entire surface is covered with glue. I probably could have used a tiny bit more glue on these ones. Let them try for 8 hours.

Click the picture to make it larger.

6 of these fit GREAT in an Altoid Tin. Or, Micheal's carries decorative gift card tins for .99. Use a 40% off coupon to get them cheap. Also, if you're feeling really generous you could fill the tin with a $5 Gift Card to Starbucks.

Let's do a quick breakdown:
50 marble magnets / 6 per tin = 8.3, 0r 8 recipients.
$14.38 for supplies / 8 recipients = $1.80 per person.

Plus a little extra for the tins,
Or $6.8 if you add the Starbucks Card.

So, what do you think?
Will you be making these this year?