Friday Fragments

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Mommy's Idea

It was a successful Thanksgiving dinner, despite the fact that I forgot to butter the turkey skin... the bird was so tender it almost didn't need a knife... gotta love turkey bags!

I am exhausted and ready to sleep off the Tryptophan, but instead I'm preparing to head out Midnight madness shopping with the tweenager... and maybe the baby if he's fussy... darn traditions 

Hopefully the sales will be worth it - We're just doing a protracted trip to the Outlets and skipping our usual 4am line up at the mall... there's only so much I can take... and still be human, plus I'm going to have to either feed the baby or pump after a few hours... so no all nighters for us...

Besides, I have a $50 Tanger Outlet GC burning a hole in my wallet... and a mission to get as much for it as I can!

Otherwise, the week has been fairly uneventful... Liam is totally missing his school and routine, but he's getting more sleep so there's the trade off...

I am still behind on my product and book reviews, so watch for a hopeful avalanche of cool reviews and giveaways if Erik lets me type with two hands this weekend!  Two cool book giveaways, candles, and announcements of great bonus opportunities for the Holiday Blog Hop gift cards that will be coming up December 1-5th here on Acting Balanced and over 200 other blogs!!!

I'm also toying with organizing a 'But I really wanted... January Blog Hop' - is anyone interested in participating... you can either find sponsors or offer something yourself... maybe one of those less than useful to you holiday presents... still fleshing it out - but that's the general idea - no $$ minimum and you set where you or your sponsors would ship to... email me or leave a comment here if you're interested...

Off to catch an hour's nap before heading off to the wild blue outlets!