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LAMusing· 1 week ago
I love historical fiction - its the closest I can come to actually travelling through time. 

I recently read a book set in WW2 - and much focus was on the fact that until the last few years of the war there was NO PENICILLIN! In WW1 half the soldiers that died, died from infections. And it wasn't just soldiers. Many people died from simple infections. Think of the times you've had antibiotics. No big deal - take 'em and get well. But until the mid 40's life was not that way. Scrape your knee, have an impacted tooth, catch pneumonia... any of these could be a death sentence. I then recalled my father (who served in WW2 in the South Pacific) saying he wasn't wounded in battle, but almost died when he got blood poisoning from coral. Did they treat him with the new miracle drug? It was just about the time it started to be used on troops. Unfortunately my father is no longer around to ask - but I wonder, if not for penicillin would I have ever been born?

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Tyler R.· 3 days ago
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Haven· 1 week ago
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