iNet VIdeo and Charity water

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of iNetVideo. All opinions are 100% mine.

While I was in labour with Erik, with the epidural in, I had lots of time to just sit and surf the web - and one of the cool new sites I found is Charity Water, sponsored by iNetVideo, which is a fantastic charitable cause that supports creating a healthy world for some of the most poverty stricken countries but supplying clean water, sanitation and education to the developing world.  

I was intrigued by being able to create a better world through such simple changes - installing a well so that water can be collected within 15 minutes of home instead of several hours - and I think it's important to consider the entire world picture that my kids are living in... 

And I was struck that more than 4500 people will die of waterborne illnesses today alone... and if my child had been born elsewhere, he could easily be susceptible to one of them... he was lucky to be born in an first class hospital in a world class city... but 

It hits you hardest when you bring another life into the world - you want him to live in the best world possible - and you spend time thinking not only about how you will improve his world, but how you can improve the world around him - and Charity Water seems like a straightforward way to do that.

Charity Water is "a clean water project nearby means more than safe drinking water to women and children in developing nations; it means time, freedom and incentive to change their communities."

This initiative is a straightforward way to do three things - prevent disease by providing clean water, sanitation and education and reducing the number of deaths and serious illnesses in some of the poorest countries in the world!

I was so impressed with the Charity Water website and all of the good work they are doing!

I am also incredibly inpressed that is one of the partners in raising funds for this project!

Check out their page here: 
There are simple things that we can do too!  They also have a great video here:

1) spread the word of the iNetVideo charity water campaign via email, facebook or twitter
2) Look for the water drop and buy selected item and iNetVideo will donate $1 to the water project
3) Donate directly to the project by visiting:

What do you think of the Charity Water site?   What impact do you think clean water could have on the lives of women and children in the developing world...

Visit my sponsor: Charity Water: Gives Back!