Product Review - WondaWedge

I was sent a cool new product to test out and it couldn't have come at a better time!  The WondaWedge is an inflatable pillow with tons of uses, but for me, as a hugely pregnant woman, it's just what I need for reclining in bed, so that I can keep my feet up and still read, watch tv or blog about how wonderful the WondaWedge is.

From their website:
"The lightweight WondaWedge is a triangular wedge pillow with a permanently attached mat.  Crafted of sueded vinyl, it’s hand-washable, comes in a rainbow of colors and fills a myriad of needs.  It’s the ONLY multi-position lounger that lets users determine their own level of comfort. Three different sitting/reclining positions are available for maximum enjoyment."

One of the things that I love about the WondaWedge is that, because it's inflatable, it's also deflatable and stores flat and out of the way when you don't need it.  It's also handy for all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities... Robyn can use it to do her homework out on the front lawn - a favorite pastime now that the weather is finally cooling off a bit here.  It would also make a great beach chair, so much easier to carry than those bulky ones, and still so supportive!

At only $24.00, the WondaWedge would make a perfect gift for your favorite camper, reader, beach enthusiast or even for the kids to lounge on in front of the TV!    We're still exploring the many different uses of the WondaWedge!

Disclaimer: This Product Was a Free Giveaway from WondaWedge through  All opinions are my own.