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The Paranoid Parents Guide: Worry Less, Parent Better, and Raise a Resilient Child is one of those must have parenting books if you are a nervous (aka Paranoid) parent...

The Paranoid Parents Guide: Worry Less, Parent Better, and Raise a Resilient ChildSome parents worry about their kids from conception... they fret over every scan, test and trip to the doctors office, others start worrying after their kids are born and they are faced with a fragile human being in their care, and I think some worry is natural, but there are parents who take it to the extreme and let worry consume their lives and that of their children...

From the publisher:

What Did You Worry About Today? Chances Are, You Didn't Need to . . .

Paranoid Parents take heart: You're not alone in your sleepless nights. When surveyed by Paranoid Parents founder Christie Barnes, 75 percent of moms and dads said they worried about "everything" when it came to their kids. Things like: Is this really the right school? Will she get kidnapped at the mall? Are those car seats safe? Will he be bullied at camp? Is that splinter infected? Does he really have ADD or is he just hyper? Is she experimenting with drugs?

In our fear-based culture that makes us over-buy, over-protect, and over-parent in an effort to keep our kids safe, Christie Barnes knows the truth: Most parents are wasting their time worrying about the wrong things. From years of research, Barnes will give parents a much-needed reality check, opening their eyes to the real dangers likely to befall their kids with simple, effective tips to prevent them from happening.

She will help paranoid parents to come clean about their biggest fears, reveal the Top Ten real dangers as opposed to the Myth Makers, and offer realistic ways to safeguard kids at every stage without stealing their childhoods. By rallying against our biggest fears with the facts, the Paranoid Parents Guide will help moms and dads enjoy parenthood more, and allow their kids develop the resiliency, independence, and good decision-making skills that are essential—yet lacking—in today's society.

So stop worrying about a shark attack . . . because your child is more likely to be injured by a shopping cart. Think that ice hockey is more dangerous than cheering? Think again. Is there ever an age when your kids are safer? (The answer is yes.) Are strangers the real enemy? (Actually, no.) How dangerous is the world we live in? As Barnes will prove, it's easier to enjoy your time with your children when you are prepared; not paranoid.

My review:

I love that this book de-mystifies a number of common misconceptions that parents worry about - from stranger danger to vaccinations and even takes it one step further to statistically prove that many of the fears that create paranoia in parents are really just that, paranoia....

For instance, kidnapping, especially by a stranger, as a worry is paramount, but in reality, the incidence of stranger kidnapping is surprisingly low - and although even one kidnapped child is too many, the likelihood that your child will be kidnapped is so remote that worrying about it simply doesn't make sense...:

Another myth that the book debunks is the danger of 'extreme sports':
Skateboarding is an evil plot generated by orthopedic doctors to generate business and destroy my child's well being.  Actually it isn't.  Really.
The number of fatalities per year due to skateboarding is forty-two, and that includes adults.  But only two of those occurred in a skate park; one fatality was an adult.  Compare that with the number of children - three- who die each year from head injuries sustained while playing baseball.   Baseball, I mentioned earlier, is considered the most lethal popular sport by the CDC.
The book goes on to say that, yes, skateboarding around cars is dangerous, and children can be hurt while learning to skate, but you can mitigate risks by having children learn at a skate park, wear proper equipment and follow safety and behavior rules while learning and practicing their sport.

I love that this book clearly walks parents through many real life situations and looks at both the perception and reality of each fear and then explains out the consequences both of the action and the fear.  As I said before, I think this book is one of those must reads for any nervous parent...

So how do you get it?

You can buy it from Amazon for $10.76, at many other online and bricks and mortar retailers, or you can win one of the THREE copies I have to give away!  The contest will close October 31st at 11:59 PM and winners will be announced after that.

Mandatory Entry: Visit the Paranoid Parents Guide website and tell me something you've learned.

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