BPC Product Review: Balboa Serene Sling

I am incredibly fortunate to be reviewing a Balboa Serene Sling - this versatile knit sling is great for babies through toddlers and can be worn five different ways as he grows!!!

When I had Liam, I didn't wear him very often because the only carrier I had was one that strapped to the front and didn't offer many choices of how to wear him - it was either forward facing or rear facing and straight up and down, but the Balboa Baby Serene Sling is going to let me wear Baby E cradle style, sitting style, forward style, cuddle style and toddler style!

The fabric itself is a wonderfully thick and stretchy knit that feels great on, and sits close to the body so it feels secure.  I got mine in a green on green print that I think looks spectacular:

but it comes in 9 different prints, as well as Black and Brown.

The one downside is that the Serene Sling isn't adjustable, so it needs to be sized to fit the wearer, so I won't be able to share it with other family members - but then again, I don't really want to share this cool way of wearing my little guy - it will be special Mama /Baby E time.

Because Baby E isn't here yet, and I'm a little bigger than I normally would be, I haven't really been able to give the Serene Sling a full work over, but I did get feedback from a few of my Mommy Friends who are about my size and used the Serene Sling with their little ones and gave it a two thumbs up seal of approval.

I'm looking forward to Baby E's arrival to really road test this sling - I think it's going to be fantastic!  BTW - any labor vibes will be much appreciated - his U/S today had him pegged at about 9 lbs already, and he's in no hurry to come - I'm still just 1 cm dilated and really long...

Balboa Baby also makes an adjustable sling, a nursing cover, nursing pillow and shopping cart cover that are all really cool!

You should head over to Balboa Baby and check them out!