Book Review - Ten on the Sled (Children's book)

Ten on the Sled (From the publisher)

Certain rhymes are classics. Every kid grows up learning Jack Be Nimble, Little Bo-Peep, Ten on the Bed, they are hallmarks of American childhood. Now, Kim Norman, Crocodaddy, has re-imagined Ten on the Bed as an exciting wintry extravaganza. Ten on the Sled features ten adventurous animals squeezed into a toboggan, flying down a bumpy path.  With each new page, a different character is jostled off the sled and caught in a giant snowball rumbling toward them at great speed. Who will make it to the bottom? What will happen to those that fall off?  The anticipation is as immense asthe fun.

Ten on the Sled is quite a ride. It retains the sweetness of the original version, but adds adventure, speed, memorable characters, and incredible artwork. Illustrator Liza Woodruff has placed this delightful, warm cast of characters amidst thebeautiful and playful backdrop of a snowy mountainParents, however, will see more than just an entertaining and catchy book as their children learn basic numbers, counting, and different types of animals

My Review:

You really do want to sing this book out loud... the characters are fun, well drawn and the story is both silly and wonderful for children of all ages... It's a wonderful re-imagination of ten on the bed, and the language is appropriate for little ones to be read to and challenging enough for older children.

One of the differences between this new story and the original is that in the bed, they all fell out - but in this story, each animal leaves the sled a different way - for instance, the wolf wiped out and the hare hopped out... 

This is a fun read, especially as we head into the holidays and I highly recommend it for children from 3 to 93 :)

Where to buy:
Ten on the Sled is available at major book retailers, including and Barnes & Noble where it is available for $8.22

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