Product Review: AVG Security 9.0

I had the pleasure of reviewing AVG Security 9.0 for Parent Reviewers -

I installed it on my daughter's laptop because she is probably the one who frequents the most 'questionable websites' and has the most need for internet security...

I remember when the internet was a relatively safe place and very few of us had internet security - but now everyone who ventures onto any website should have it! Viruses can be carried on emails, facebook apps and even just by clicking on an ad or link on a web page... and that's why I was pleased to be chosen to test out AVG Security 9.0.

It was extremely easy to download and install on my daughter's computer - the step by step directions were clear and easy to understand. It didn't take long to be up and running!

Several things that impressed me about AVG Security 9.0 were the speed with which it scanned for viruses - I've used both Norton and McAfee software and have found their full scans to be disruptive and slow when trying to use the computer, particularly the internet - but not so with AVG.  I also like that it scans links before you click on them, not after the damage is done!

AVG Security 9.0 is a one stop set up for all your internet needs - it includes anti-virus and anti-spyware, anti-spam for their email, an enhanced firewall, identity protection and online shield which helps make sure your shared files are safe.  They've made strides to ensure that malware and identity theft are as easy to thwart as trojans and worms!  They also offer multi-computer discounts so that your whole home network can be equally safe - you can be licensed for anywhere from one to ten computers!

About AVG

Founded in 1991, AVG Technologies has corporate offices in Europe, the US and the UK and over 80 million active users in 167 countries. The company is focused on protecting computer users at home and in small businesses against disruption and loss caused by a wide range of security threats. AVG’s award-winning products are distributed globally through resellers and over the Internet aswell as via third-party use of the company’s Software Development Kits. AVG supports all major operating systems and platforms

The cool thing is that AVG lets you try before you buy - you can get a free 30-day download of the complete package by clicking here.  

I highly recommend that if you're in the market to upgrade your internet security that you look to AVG to meet all your surfing needs!

Check out this cool YouTube clip about AVG:

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary 1 year subscription to AVG Security 9.0 in return for my opinion.  All opinions are my own.  This review was completed as part of Parent Reviewers