Happy Birthday Liam!

I got a little off track with my count down to your birthday, Little Man... but I wanted to share that I am so glad to be your mama today and so proud of everything that you do ;)

Even the stuff that drives Mama nuts...

But I am especially proud of the leaps and bounds you are making in speech and school - you know all your letters and are starting to sight read your favorite words, you are starting to make progress in other areas of language and actually talking more than ever before. You are making eye contact with the people you love and initiating touching and even occasionally acknowledging that other people are talking to you.

Despite the fact that you aren't saying your name, you are spelling it and you recognize it when it's written!

I'm just so thankful that you're my special little boy...

Happy 4th birthday - I can't wait to see what this year brings :)

For those who don't know, these are huge accomplishments as my son learns to overcome the learning curve that comes with his autism... which makes me even prouder!

My husband wrote his own tribute on his blog which brought tears to my eyes... I almost just copied and pasted it here as a guest blog, but I'd rather you pop over and show him some comment love - it's a new venture for him!