Fragments, Awards and Hops - what a busy day!

My Friday Fragments will be short today - I am crazy busy ...

Mommy's Idea

Ach Baby Update: Well the little guy has finally turned the right way (head down), of course the OB says he still has room to maneuver where he wants, so I'm not out of the woods yet, he's still anterior... but we'll talk about that later.. hopefully he'll figure it all out before we have to worry... My BP was up too... not enough to worry about, but of course I worry...

He's also still crazy about kicking my sciatica ... and he's got a new game, kick the lungs... the braxton hicks contractions have also started... which is new for me - I didn't have them with Liam....

Speaking of Liam, we're having his birthday party this coming afternoon (Friday).. a pool party with a Sesame Street Theme, brought to you by the letters C, P and the number 4... so we'll have the Pool, Pizza, soda Pop, fruit Punch, Potato Chips, Cupcakes, Cookies, Coloring and Candles of course ... 

It's not really his birthday yet, but this was a good day for his friends to come, so we're adjusting :)

Pictures to follow ;)

If today isn't busy enough, I'm doing extra duty volunteering at Robyn's school in the Media center - the Media Specialist is off, so I'm working with another volunteer to keep the place open so that the teachers can still bring their classes down and check out books... should be fun

I have everything for the loot bags, but not all the food, so I also have to make a Publix run... hopefully tomorrow will be one of those extended 25 hour days I keep wishing for.

I'll let you all know Saturday if I've survived :-)

I mentioned awards - I have some that I should have acknowledged weeks ago, but I've been just up to my eyeballs, but when the third one came in, I knew that I really had to thank both ladies for thinking of me... I am going to try and spread the love - so there are a total of twenty-three blogs for you to peruse through that I think are worthy of awards! (I will say that I normally write a description of each blog, but in the interest of Ach Baby getting some sleep, I'm just going to post the blog and the link and let you explore to see what their blogs are all about!)  I also need to do a mea culpa in advance... I probably won't be able to go around and let people know that they've won until the weekend or Monday, so if you happen to see your name here and want to be extra nice, please leave a comment letting me know that you know ;)

I got the Sweet Blogger award and the  from Heather at Out of the Box, Into the Kitchen

Guidelines for this Award

- Give this award to 10 sweet bloggers.
- Make a post about the award including the picture and mention the person who gave it to you.
- Put the award on your blog.
- Let your nominated 10 know you’ve awarded them by leaving a comment.

Guidelines for this award are:
1) accept award
2) Post award image and a link back to me!
3) Award seven bloggers this wonderful award and let them know they got it!

and finally, just this week, I received an award from one of my newest bloggy friends, Mandy from Mandy's Escape, which is a great new book review blog that I found

To accept the award you must link back and thank the person who gave you the Life is Good award and answer the 10 questions and pass it along to 6 other blogs :)

The six blogs I pass this award along to are:

1. If you blog anonymously are you happy doing it that way; if you are not anonymous do you wish you had started out anonymously so you could be anonymous now?
I don't blog anonymously - I do use a pseudonym on my posts and comments on other blogs, primarily to promote the blog name first before my own, but I use my real name and the kids real names and of course I don't try to hide our looks either - the pics are all over the place....

2.Describe one incident that shows your inner stubborn side. I was born stubborn, so coming up with just one is hard... if you want to read about how my grandmother saved my teen years you can click on this post to get a glimpse...

3.What do you see when you really look at yourself in the mirror?
A woman who usually needs more sleep and could probably disguise that by wearing make up, but who has time for make up?

4. What is your favorite summer cold drink?
Right now, it's a tie between diet coke with lime over ice or a nice tall glass of Sweet Tea, but I'm a frozen peach bellini girl when I'm not pg!

5. When you take time for yourself, what do you do?
Read in the bathtub

6.Is there something you still want to accomplish in your life? What is it?
Lots - I have a ton of living to do... the biggest desire is to travel though

7. When you attended school, were you the class clown, the class overachiever , the shy person, or always ditching? I was the over achiever who always ditched... I figured out by 5th grade how to work the system and bend it to my will, so I stopped attending alot of my classes and made myself busy doing extra-curricular activities and confusing the teachers about where I was and when

8. If you close your eyes and want to visualize a very poignant moment of your life what would you see? I see many, but probably the first time I held my son.

9. Is it easy for you to share your true self in your blog or are you more comfortable writing posts about other people or events? I'm all about sharing me - I don't really get into too many contraversial topics - I tend to leave that to Wayne but I do subscribe to the WYSIWYG theory of life - I don't have much to hide...

10. If you had the choice to sit down and read or talk on the phone, which would you do and why? I'd probably chose reading... but I'm all about balance, so the next time this question gets asked I'll answer the other way

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