Wednesday is...

1) mostly Wordless:

24 weeks pregnant... and hiking on the Bruce Trail

2) Friends Day

The MamaZone button

I'm linking up with Mamazone to find new friends...

3) The day of my glucose 1 hour fast... yucky  yummy sugar water for breakfast after fasting since dinner time today... yumm-o

4) The day to get back on track and start playing with all kinds of goodies that have been sent to me for product testing/reviews/giveaways while I was on vacay... Here is a small sample of things to come:

  From Mom Magazine:

  Book reviews:

  • A Chance to Say Yes - Tina Murray
  • Escapades of the Romantically Challenged - Maya Jax
  • Paula Deen's Savannah Style - Paula Deen

  Other reviews and tours:

  There are more :) but we'll keep those under wraps :)

Happy Hump Day!