Review: Heard On The Playground

Have you heard about Heard On the Playground?  No, it's not another mommy blog, and it's not a gossip site either - its a website devoted to the funny things that kids say and do... 

For Instance:

Matt, 5 - Idaho Award Winner

My son had a friend over when I was pregnant.  I had to tell the friend that MY WATER BROKE and I had to GO TO THE HOSPITAL.  I later found out he went home and TOLD HIS PARENTS HE HAD TO LEAVE BECAUSE WE WERE HAVING PLUBMING PROBLEMS.

Dad: Son can you go GET ME A RULER? 

You can also upload photos, give them your own captions and let others add theirs to the photos you share!

Click here to find out what caption came with this cute little photo... or add your own!
Heard on the Playground

The beauty of Heard On the Playground is that not only can you share your photos and stories with others, you can also promote your blog - every picture and story can be linked back to your blog or website with just a few simple keystrokes!  Uploading photos only takes seconds, and all photos and stories are reviewed before going live on the site, so you know it will stay family friendly.

Heard On The Playground was started by a suburban mom with an idea, and all of the stories and photos have been collected by word of mouth between moms, grandparents and friends of kids who say and do the funniest things!  It's only been live since January, but already the site has more than 45 pages of cute stories, with more being added daily!

One of the most unique things about the site is the ability to send virtual gifts combining the cute stories from the website and your child's artwork or one that you choose from the site!

There is also an option to create t-shirts from your favorite sayings and stories - customizable color, size and font!

The website has national reach which gives bloggers national exposure and lets you share your stories and pictures across the miles

I highly recommend checking out Heard on the Playground whenever you need a good grin, so how about right now?

"Life is short, so join in on the fun, make a few posts and get a few laughs. Just remember, you‘ve heard it all here...well for the moment because kids never stop being funny and adults just can‘t help but laugh." from the About Us page at Heard on the Playground

Heard on the Playground

"This is a Mama Buzz review. I was compensated by Heard On The Plaground for this review."