This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

As I watch my friends lament on Facebook about how awful their wireless plans are and how difficult it is to upgrade or switch providerds for cell phone service, I just shake my head, partly because I still haven't gotten to a point in my life where my cell phone is that vital to me, but also because I have Boost Mobile- one of the most flexible wireless providers out there!

I found Boost Mobile when we first moved to the United States and needed to get a cell phone for emergencies... none of the major carriers wanted to touch us because we didn't have a US credit card or credit rating, so we ended up going with Boost Mobile for Pay as You Go service...

We've now been here five years and I wouldn't trade Boost Mobile for any other service provider!  They have excellent customer service, no contracts, and best yet, they offer a variety of ways to Re-Boost your phone!  When we first got our phone, it was easy to pick up Re-Boost cards in a variety of denominations at the grocery and drug stores, and you can still do that!  You can also Re-Boost over the phone, online or set up automatic withdrawals on either a regular monthly basis or like I do, when my balance drops below a certain dollar figure!

Boost Mobile has kept up with the times too - I don't lose out on texting, web surfing or high quality phones!  Last year, I upgraded my old flip phone to an i465 with a full Qwerty keyboard and nice large screen, but now there are even more options - including the Blackberry and the i1!

As I mentioned, I'm still not a fully integrated wireless phone user - preferring my laptop for internet and email, except when I'm away from home for long periods of time, but for those of you who want unlimited text, talk and surf, Boost has a package designed just for you!  For $50 a month, you get unimited text, talk, web, IM, and email!  And there's still no contract required!!

As a loyal Boost customer, my next upgrade isn't too far off... maybe I'll have to take the plunge to being connected 24/7 on my mobile and I'm so glad that I'll be able to keep Boost Mobile as my provider!

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